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Au Pair #1 we signed on as a rematch. She said the family she was with initially had 4 children from toddler through high school age.

She said she didn't feel like part of the family and preferred to be in a "less busy household" which I should have interpreted as "this is too much work for me". This au pair had an ulterior motive from the beginning. She thought she would take all of her vacation days at her convenience which was the first major area of contention. And then acted like she was doing me a favor when she told me she was taking two separate weeks versus the two weeks together.

It would have been easier for me to have two weeks together, but she didn't know this because she never asked just assumed she could vacation when she wanted. She drove my car with my permission when I was not using it (with my car insurance doubling so she could drive every night to Wal Mart to get out of the house) and never paid for gas - she never drove the kids so it was all for her own personal use. She gave me receipts for gas she put in the car and expected me to pay her...SERIOUSLY!!! Her mother came to visit for a few days which turned into five weeks - eating all of my food, driving around every night, etc.

She scraped the side of my car on the garage and ripped off the bumper in the process as well as a portion of the garage frame. When brought to her attention that she never paid for gas and was not made to pay the $250 fee for damaging my car she told me that was my choice not to ask for it and that I had scraped my own car so shouldn't say anything to her. Never offered to pay and never even said thank you that I didn't ask for it. She assumed her boyfriend would be welcomed into my home to stay for two weeks while on his vacation here.

When we told her he couldn't stay she told me she didn't think we were "those kind of people". Funny to me that a middle eastern female would make that comment to me when she was shacking up with her boyfriend on their vacation.....just saying. She threatened to quit the program so we found daycare elsewhere and gave her an additional week of unpaid vacation. This au pair came here to take her English exam which was great and I altered the hours I used her to accommodate her studies only to hear her say she hadn't been studying - she couldn't get into it.

Then when our family went on vacation she assumed she would stay home and had the audacity to tell me I work all week so I should spend time with my kids on vacation all week. Her agenda from day one was to come to the US and have her boyfriend and Mom come here for a vacation for FREE and milk the family for all they had during their stay. She had a blog that specifically told readers that as an au pair they should ask for a car because it is the host family's responsibility to pay for all gas, etc., and then repeatedly told me I did not know what the program was about. My favorite was when I gave her goodbye gifts from the kids - she sent me a text and said the gifts were nice, but where was her money for the last three days she watched them (which she was mad about by the way).

She left and never skyped, called,mailed or asked about them like they meant nothing. She spent 45 hours a week with my one year old. Really??? Au Pair #2 came in the middle of the month per the standard arrival dates, her parents came to the US three weeks later, she looked every day frantically for her SS card in the mail and then purchased her own phone.

Told me at 0730 when I was leaving for work a month after her parents arrived that she wanted to rematch because she felt like she was being held "captive" and was "overworked" and "stressed" and you got it didn't feel like "part of the family" - are we seeing a theme here yet?. Really!....she went to visit her parents twice during the two months she was here. She spent all day on her texts and phone calls while she was supposed to be watching my very young toddler...a lot of this was interpreting for her parents. She told me she would stay for a few weeks until we found child care, but had packed her bags and left my house before I even arrived back home from work.

Tried to get my neighbor involved by asking her to stay at their house because she was "afraid" of us. I attempted to get in touch with the Regional Director all day - never received a phone call or email from her although my area director who was out of the country was amazing. My favorite part - my au pair had been skyping her therapist from her bedroom since coming here. So much for the medical clearance.

This one's agenda was to get to the US and bring her family. The first week she was here she blatantly came out and asked if we would sponsor her and pay for her schooling after her year - WTF???? She never even did her job during the two months she was supposed to be working. ALL au pair agencies are a joke.

The companies oversees sell the opportunity differently than it is sold here. Almost all of the applicants have at least one deceased parent, a parent that has lost a job, or has passed away. There seems to be some emotional/ psychological baggage all of them carry with them and they all expect to come here and live like queens when they had nothing near what they have here at their own homes oversees. They all act like they are entitled to all their host families have to offer and more and they act like they are doing you a favor by gracing your household with their presence.

NEWSFLASH - an au pair is used in the US to care for children. If you do not like the terms as outlined in the house rules sent to you by the interviewing host family, then do not accept employment with that family. EMPLOYMENT means you come here to provide a service and in turn are paid for that service. Do the math and calculate what you would make at minimum wage and total all of your monthly bills if room and board were not provided.

Then add the extras like a car and insurance and a phone and cable, etc. The amount you make per month is more than I have left in my account after I pay all of my bills!! The host family is not REQUIRED to take you on vacation with them, provide a car for you, a cell phone for you, TV's or computers. If a family does these things then great.

But they are not REQUIRED too. In the real world you are owed nothing. Hard work is required to build integrity and the foundation for a successful life. Maybe if the au pair was required to actually PAY for something other than vacationing and partying they would have a little more respect for what could be provided to them.

They are young, inexperienced in the working world, manipulative, liars with hidden agendas and will use the host family for anything they can get from them, including, but not limited to crossing the US border. They all talk on blogs about their host families and how bad they have it. None of them take responsibility or hold themselves accountable for their job performance or any type of morals or values. The agency is a joke.

Clearly they do not make sure their medical clearance is accurate or their resumes. DO NOT GET AN AU PAIR - THE BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME.

When au pair #2 left she told my husband she didn't need to say goodbye to the kids - she had already "done enough for us". The only good thing about Trump being elected is putting a stop to this abuse - if he actually keeps that promise.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Aupaircare Nanny.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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AuPairs are not slaves.

We are sold the picture that we come here as exchange students.

We do not come here for money or we wouldn't be Aupair's. We are paid $4.35 an hour.

Give us a break!

You are sold the picture that you have a foreign worker.

We are not told that. AuPairCare and their false information is the problem, not the Aupair's. I get it though. Aupair's lie too.

There are some bad ones, but most of us aren't. And we are treated badly by families. Maybe it's our own different interpretations of the story. Your Aupair's were bad!!!!

That's for sure! But it's not all of us.


I know an aupair whose host mum was high most of the time and uses maruhana. She treated terribly bad to her aupair.

Non of the reasons she left the aupair in the street. What do you say about this? Are the all host families bad!

Only there are some aupairs and host families which did not understand the idea of this program. Also agencies which one of them is at home country and other one is AUPAIRCARE want to make money desperately on both aupairs and host families.

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